The Trade Show Minute — Episode 86: BlackTrax Highlights the Real-Time Tracking Technology Used to Integrate Multi-System Attention-Grabbing Show in Booth at ISE 2017

The Trade Show Minute —Andrew Gordon and Victoria Barela discuss the great success of ISE 2017 as BlackTrax partners with Panasonic to present an attention-grabbing show. Using BlackTrax technology, the booth was able to integrate Airstage drones, Painting with Light’s video and audio content, Notch’s real-time content and effects, as well as the use of media servers provided by d3 in order to track 3D and 6D positional data. BlackTrax technology is used not only for tours but permanent installs. Andrew goes into detail about how the product works on stage to make this central hub of multi-system integration magic happen. BlackTrax is always looking to grow their portfolio of partners in order to integrate new and fun solutions with their tracking technology. Check out BlackTrax’s website at