The Trade Show Minute — Episode 77: Lilian Bories with Oblong Industries Proudly Details the Birth of the Company

Lilian Bories and Victoria Barela discuss the birth of Oblong through Minority Report. Lilian steps us through the journey starting with CEO and founder John Underkoffler receiving a call from Stephen Spielberg asking to portray what the computer world will look like 50 years from now. Luckily this was not a screen and keyboard, but a gesture driven user interface that is not just a film vision but a reality at Oblong. John’s vision is comprised of pixels behaving in 3 dimension. Lilian also speaks on how the company evolves over time, expanding John’s original vision. Tune in to hear newest conference solution product launching (code word: “Mezzanine teamwork”) that will empower every employee, not just the few people on top. “Mezzanine teamwork” releases officially in 3 months.