The Secret Behind the LG Booth Tour at InfoComm 2019

By the time I returned to my office after being at InfoComm all last week, I had a dozen or more emails or messages from people asking how we pulled-off the LG Booth tour. I was perplexed. How do I respond? With a camera and a mic?

Ah, but I had misunderstood the question!

LG, no doubt, collected more leads than any other booth on the show floor last week. No way any other manufacturer beat them. Their booth was over-packed. Literally. They need a bigger booth.

But they tried that. In fact, the 2019 booth at this year’s record-setting InfoComm 2019 in Orlando was 30% larger than the company’s 2018’s booth.

The next best thing? A 30-minute, detailed, section-by-section booth tour for all of you who couldn’t get through the LG booth and/or for all of you who couldn’t go to InfoComm. Yes, 30 minutes. But, what’s astounding about that? Nearly everyone’s watching until the end.

So, how’d we pull it off? We shot it a couple of hours before the show opened. I hope you enjoy this tour as it includes transparent OLED in two different applications — including one that features a virtual Audi Showroom, a wave-like demo using 88 LG OLEDs that were bent into shapes to form a waterfall, transparent color LED and a new line of outdoor LCDs, among the 16 product stations — and we hit them all! But we didn’t just shoot one LG video; we shot 17 — yes, 17. You can watch them all by clicking here.

And, of course, LG is here.