The rAVe Home and CEDIA Partnership

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Since Day 1 of our rAVe HomeAV publication, CEDIA’s been a partner with us. Every step of the way we have enjoyed an alliance that allows us to help them disseminate important information to their members and high-end audiophiles and videophiles and they help us keep a pulse on the evolving high-end consumer technology space.

However, I have never been more excited than I am about this year’s Expo and our partnership with CEDIA to bring you CEDIA OnDemand Powered by rAVe NOW.  Most of you reading this probably don’t know that we tested the concept of rAVe NOW at this summer’s InfoComm 2009 show and used it as a dry run for what we’re bringing to CEDIA next week.

What is rAVe NOW?

Well, whether you’re at the show or not, you will LOVE this new service from rAVe Publications.  rAVe NOW is a combination of virtually live and real-time services that will help you while you’re at the show or, if you can’t make the show next week, make you feel like you’re at the show!  Seriously.

What specific services?

ravenow-twitter-0609rAVe Twitter:
 We’ll have three people walking the show floor who regularly contribute to rAVe HomeAV and they’ll be Twittering LIVE as they see products, new technologies, people and trends.  But, these wont just be “come by booth, blah, blah, blah” Tweets, these will be OPINIONATED, INSIGHTFUL and HONEST observations about stuff we see, hear and experience first-hand at the show.  Not everyone will like our Tweets as we’re quite honest – if something we see sucks, we’ll say so.  But, if there’s something great or some new killer app you need to know about, we’ll inform you of that too!

The great part about rAVe Twitter (and what makes our feed like NO OTHER from the show floor) is that you don’t even have to sign up for a Twitter account to read our Tweets.  We put them right there on our home page:

Of course, if you already have a Twitter account or want our Tweets to come in real-time directly to your phone, then you can follow our Tweets at:

ravenow-video-0609rAVe Video:  This is the KILLER app on rAVe NOW.  You will LOVE this service.  We launched this at InfoComm to thousands of hits even before the show opened.  Why?   Well, we snuck around the show floor the day before the show event opened and shot one-minute behind-the-scenes videos of new products and technologies before they were even “officially” launched.  In fact, rAVe Video became so popular so quickly that the president of Extron even allowed us into a private suite one day before the show floor opened and gave rAVe a sneak peak of their biggest new product introduction of the show – a touch screen control system called TouchLink. Wanna see how rAVe Video works? Go watch that Extron video I just mentioned here:

Imagine hundreds of videos posted (like that one), allowing manufacturers to show you (even if you’re not at CEDIA next week) their new products as if you were standing in their booths and getting the new product pitch directly from them?!  Well, that’s rAVe Video – we’ll have four people walking the show floor with cameras, and we’ll post them as we shoot them. We don’t wait until the end of Day 1 to show you Day 1’s videos — we’ll be posting them all day long!!!

ravenow-blog-0609rAVe BLOGs:  Tweets are great for short, quick observations about what we see in and around CEDIA Expo, but we’ve added a BLOG so that we can expand on anything we see that needs explaining.  So, we’ve added blogging to rAVe NOW.

Got an iPhone or iPod Touch?  Well, last month rAVe launched rAVe NOW for the iPhone – a FREE App that includes all the features of rAVe NOW right in the palm of your hand – that includes rAVe Twitter, rAVe Video and rAVe BLOGs AND even rAVeHomeAV – our industry eNewsletter (the thing you’re reading right now).

iphone-pic-0909So, check out rAVe NOW, now, so you’ll be ready for CEDIA Expo next week whether you’re headed to Atlanta or not.  It’s at: and just click on the rAVe NOW logo!!!

And, for those of you reading this that can’t come to Atlanta to experience the CEDIA Expo for yourself, we PROMISE to make this the best CEDIA you ever attended – even by not being there.  We’ll give you MORE new product news, more personal show observations, real video interviews and product introductions than you could have ever seen on your own by spending four days walking the show floor.  You just wait and see!!!

And, unlike ANY other CEDIA show coverage, ours will be 100 percent TOTALLY advertising-FREE!!!!!   Just the stuff you want.