The Projector’s Dying a Rapid Death: Part 2

ipad boardroom editorial 0710

Iipad-boardroom-editorial-0710n the January 21, 2010 issue of rAVe ProAV Edition, I wrote a column on how and why I believe we’ve entered the last decade of the front-screen projector in nearly all ProAV applications. Ultimately, my essay on the subject concluded that with the growth (literally) of large-screen LCDs and other impending flat-screen technologies, it’ll be hard to keep using projectors in most applications as the advantages of direct-view displays (e.g., brightness, space, ambient light effects, etc.) far and away outpace the disadvantages of projection displays.

Six months later, I stand by my hypothesis, but I’ve also realized that there’s another factor that I didn’t even point out in my original column that very well may have an even greater effect on the devolution of projectors than even 100” LCDs – the rapid rise of the personal information display (PID).
One PID in particular, the Apple iPad, is a perfect example of how we could very well see the future of presenting directly to our PIDs rather than via large-screen projection.

Imagine if you were in a room where every attendee of a meeting had an iPad and the presentation slides were being streamed, in real-time, to the iPads while they were being presented live. Now imagine those same slides being automatically stored, in order of the presentation, to the iPads. And, in addition to saving them, you could annotate over them, write notes or highlight terms being discussed by the presenter and share them via the network with someone, anyone, anywhere.

But, there’s more. Imagine if your iPad could record that same presenter’s speech and time-code it to the presentation so you could literally listen (or share) it over and over again – forever.

OK, now, you tell me, why would you use a projector?