The Projector is Dead, For Sure

99projector 0711

99projector-0711A couple of years ago, I wrote a column about how the projector was dying a rapid death.

Without getting into that all over again, I assure you that, although the column was incredibly well-read, it wasn’t everyone’s favorite – especially the projector manufacturers!

But, ultimately, my hypothesis was that if everyone is eventually carrying around a personal information display with them everywhere they go (e.g., iPhone, Droid, iPad, etc.), then why the heck do we need large screen projection?

Now, before you disagree with me all over again, I stand by what I said back then and will just simply save my “I told you so” for the future.

Look closely at this photo I took yesterday while at Best Buy.

See what I saw?

Yep, it’s a $99 projector.

Sure, the quality sucks (320×240 resolution), the light output’s horrible (32 lumens) and it’s packed with only analog ports, but, it’s a freakin’ $99 projector. And it’s specs are only going to get better, while the price stays the same — or drops even more.

Still don’t believe me?