The Power of Innovation and What We Do

Have you seen this yet? Almost 2 million people have… If you haven’t… get out the tissues.

What struck me most about this video is not the adorable old man (I love old people) – it’s not the fact that the perked up when he heard the music from his generation –  I respond to music that way, too… however – there’s a greater power at work here, in addition to the music… it’s the power of that small piece of personal technology.
That tiny iPod shuffle brought this man back to life. That little piece of technology. If you’re reading this I don’t need to explain to you the innovation of the iPod and how iPod has become synonymous with all mp3 players. I don’t need to explain to you what it does, technically, or how many were sold in the last year.

What is important to consider is how we are using simple, personal, home technology like the iPod to revolutionize our quality of life.

Some people say the internet is making us stupid. Or we’re becoming too dependent upon technology to do stuff for us. I like to think that back in Henry’s day when he was blaring this music on the radio or a record player, I picture his mom or dad yelling at him to, “Turn that down! That stuff isn’t right!” …or something like that. I don’t know. Don’t all parents hate the music their kids listen to? I digress.

Look, it’s about the way the music was presented to this man. Sure, we’re able to see his reaction – but the intimacy of this man listening to his own music without the rest of the world barging in and telling him to “Turn it down” brought him back to life. It no longer served a source of “entertainment” – which is probably what most of us use our iPod / iPhones / musicthings for. Entertainment. Sure, or perhaps relaxation. I know listening to music relaxes me.

But who knew that it could do what we saw here? Sure, it’s the music that’s doing it – but it wouldn’t be possible without the technology.

That is the type of technology that packs a serious punch.

I have a point here.

In our industry, audio and visual communications are being revolutionized every day. Technologies we only DREAMED of are being made realities. Technology can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

It can be the death of us. Or technology can be a life saver… like it was for Henry.

How can we continue to innovate in such a way that we’re making the lives of ordinary people better?

Just a thought.