The OCA Alliance unveils AES70-2023 at ISE 2023

A dense presentation schedule at ISE 2023 offers insights into adoption, the latest updates and more

January, ISE 2023 is shaping up to be a busy show for the OCA Alliance with a packed presentation schedule covering a variety of topics, as well showcasing a variety of products and implementation tools on the stand to facilitate the integration of AES70 into products and projects.

The OCA Alliance will be holding presentations on three different topics at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the show. Content is aimed at new and experienced AES70 implementors alike:

–      AES70-2023 Update: This presentation will provide an overview of the updates and additions to the AES70 standard contained in the 2023 update.

–      Using AES70 – A Technology Overview: A high level overview of the features, benefits, technologies and design philosophies of the AES70 standard.

–      Build AES70 Controller UIs with Open Source software- How To: An overview of some open source software libraries for web-based AES70 controller interfaces, and how libraries can be used to control OCA devices.

Presentations will be held at 11:00, 13:30 and 16:00 as follows:

Tuesday Jan 31:

–      11:00: Using AES70 – A Technology Overview

–      13:30: AES70-2023 Update

–      16:00: Build AES70 Controller UIs with Open Source software- How To:

Wednesday Feb 1:

–      11:00: AES70-2023 Update

–      13:30: Build AES70 Controller UIs with Open Source software- How To:

–      16:00: Using AES70 – A Technology Overview

Thursday Feb 2:

–      11:00: Build AES70 Controller UIs with Open Source software- How To:

–      13:30: Using AES70 – A Technology Overview

–      16:00: AES70-2023

Friday Feb 3:

–      11:00: Update Using AES70 – A Technology Overview

In addition to the presentations, visitors to the stand will be able to learn more about the AES70 Explorer software from DeusO GmbH, which is designed to connect, expose and control parameters in OCA objects to support hardware engineers developing or integrating AES70 into pro audio devices. The software provides a UI builder for fast setup of engineering interfaces and can simultaneously test multiple devices using an array of integrated pro audio widgets via the AES70 standard.

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Also on show will be the Resolute Audio RA-ES70DSP04 configurable DSP Module with AES70 remote control from Profusion. This powerful professional audio DSP module includes an AES70 device model so that any compliant controller can subscribe to and control its functionality, as well as an AES70 web-based user interface.

The Smart pi DSP from T&M Media Pty Ltd is a next-generation digital PA processor with massive audio processing ability that can support everything from the smallest to the very largest of systems. Completely modular and forward-upgradeable via firmware updates, the Smart pi DSP is based on industry standards including Dante and OCA/AES70. All configuration is managed via a simple web interface and can be externally controlled via OCA/AES70.

Speaking of control, OCA will also be able to demonstrate 3rd party AES70 control courtesy once again of DeusO – using a generic 7-inch touch screen and a user interface built with open source software libraries, the demo connects and controls specific parts of the Smart pi DSP, thus demonstrating zone-defined control of audio parameters and metering over AES70.

When it comes to adopting OCA, DeusO have been working hard to make the process as swift and smooth as possible with their Espressif (esp32) AES70 Evaluation kit. Product owners and engineers alike can fast track OCA adoption with a complete AES70 integration example supporting C++11, Javascript, AWML (AES70Backend) and AUX Control Widgets.

The Espressif development kit DSP integration example can be freely ordered for evaluation or R&D purposes. The module also contains a complete web user interface integrated with AES70.js for convenient UI controls. AES70 Explorer is also supported.

Other tools to make adoption easy include the Audio Network Evaluation Board from JOYNED GmbH which helps pro audio manufacturers to quickly develop AVB/Milan and OCA devices. The Audio Network Evaluation Board is a valuable and cost-effective tool to test and validate open-standard network and control functionalities, also offering flexible configurations to serve a wide range of use cases and hardware architectures.

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