The Next Big UCC Platform to Blow Up is Google Meet; Lenovo is Ready, Are You?


LW8 Lenovo Session Post Event

Ask any Gen-Z’er or Millennial what they use to make a slide deck, write reports, or trade files, and their answer will be Google Workspace. And guess what? They use Google Meet, too. And, as they age up in the corporate world, they will want to make Google Meet calls in meeting rooms, too.

It’s all about living in the cloud. Digital Natives are already living in the cloud and using Google Meet everywhere. And Lenovo has an entire line of Google Series One solutions for every meeting solution and likely knows more about Google Meet and Google Workspace than any other company in ProAV.

This session will explore the future of Google Meet and the impact of Google Workspace on the UCC market, and we’ll even host a panel of Google Meet experts to help you learn everything you need to know as Google rises to compete with MS Teams and Zoom.