The Next Big Thing in Displays is Flexible

NanoLumens Flex 0112

NanoLumens_Flex-0112NanoLumens is beginning worldwide deliveries of its expanded line of Flex Displays, as well as its first line of non-flexible displays. NanoFlex and NanoWrap flex digital pixel pitch displays conform to fit any surface, plus they are thin, lightweight, energy efficient and can be mounted as easily as art. The NanoWrap display gives advertisers the ability to utilize columns for 360-degree advertisements; the display can be mounted on any column with at least a 28” diameter.

The NanoSlim and NanoShape (non-flexible versions of the displays) are available in 6mm, 5mm, and 4mm pixel pitches.

In addition to being ultra-lightweight and energy efficient, NanoLumens displays feature an edge-to-edge picture quality (up to a brightness of 5000 nits) that can be viewed from any angle or any distance without color shift or picture drop-off. Designed and engineered to be energy efficient, NanoLumens displays consume significantly less energy per-square foot than conventional digital displays. NanoLumens displays are composed of up to 50 percent reclaimed materials and are completely recyclable.

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