The Neutrik Group Introduces the silentPLUG STARDUST Edition

STARDUST Hi MediumCharlotte, NC – November 2023… NEUTRIK’s new silentPLUG STARDUST Edition joins the silentPLUG family of connectors. At the heart of the STARDUST Edition lies a pioneering carbon graphene compound, meticulously developed by Neutrik AG. With its stardust black appearance—the first time silentPLUG has been offered without red highlights—and cool-to-the-touch, lightweight housing, silentPLUG STARDUST Edition provides a classy and elegant alternative while offering all the latest silentPLUG features such as a two-compound, slip-proof housing, reduced weight, and robust protection of its internal components. 

Known and loved for decades by guitarists, bass players, and other audio professionals for its noiseless instrument connections, the NEUTRIK silentPLUG prevents pops, rattling, and squealing noises when plugging and unplugging instruments. With the inclusion of its new carbon graphene compound on the middle section of the plug’s housing, the new silentPLUG STARDUST Edition offers instrumentalists an alternative look with its stardust black center as opposed to the red color of the standard NP2XX-SILENT. Equally notable, the carbon graphene compound contributes to a lower CO2 footprint compared to traditional metal diecast alternatives, aligning with NEUTRIK’s commitment to sustainability.

Like its NP2XX-SILENT sibling, the silentPLUG STARDUST Edition operates via a spring-loaded, retracting ring on the plug finger that connects to an internal reed switch. When the ring is in its forward position, with no instrument plugged in, the reed switch shorts the tip and sleeve contacts. In this mode, no signal passes, therefore avoiding the pops, hum, squeals, and other noises typically associated with plugging in an instrument. Once the plug is nearly completely inserted into the instrument’s jack, the silentPLUG ring begins to retract, becoming fully retracted as the plug seats into the jack. At that point, the reed switch unshorts the tip and sleeve contacts, allowing the signal to pass normally.

Fred Morgenstern, VP of Technology for Neutrik Americas, commented on the new silentPLUG STARDUST Edition, “I love this new, premium variation. Its starry black housing looks so classy that it just begs to be paired onstage with either your finest tuxedo or your most hardcore black metal wear. You’ve got to see the subtle stardust sparkle in person. It looks great in photos, but those don’t do justice to the elegant beauty of the carbon graphene compound that NEUTRIK has developed for this product.”

The silentPLUG STARDUST Edition is available for ordering now as part number NP2XX-SILENT-0. For additional information, please contact Neutrik Americas at 704.972.3050.