We’ve Launched the Most Professional AV Job Board Ever

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header-avjobs-blast-0313There are lots of free AV Job sites. Heck, even we had one. And, it was one of the most popular places we had on our site.

But, we got rid of it.

Why? Well, the truth is, free job listings have no incentive. The manufacturers or integrator lists a job, but once it’s filled, there’s no incentive to tell us and have us take it down. So, the job lived there even if it wasn’t available. That’s the same complaint everyone has about all the other job boards. And, with little or no management capability from the job poster, there was no way for them (the manufacturer or integrator looking to hire someone) had no way to track their listing.

Not any more.

We’ve spent four months launching a new service called rAVe Audio Visual Jobs: http://bit.ly/WJiWT3

It’s new, brand new. And, we’re looking for BOTH job seekers and companies looking to hire!

As a job seeker, you can upload your resume (or CV) and let people know you are available. You can do it as yourself, or anonymously!

As a company looking to hire, you can post a job that’s available and tell the industry you are looking to hire.

For those looking to hire, we have a 90-day free trial for you to try it out risk-free. After that, we will start to charge you (but, you will like the quality of this so much, we think you’ll pay). We get detailed reporting on what’s going on. You job isn’t just listed, it’s tracked, managed and reported back to you…

Try it out – after you do, we’re convinced this will be THE ONLY job board in AV within a year! And, you’ll see why!