The Most Interesting Product You Didn’t See at ISE

Barco_ClickShare-0212The most interesting product you didn’t see at ISE (unless you were part of a select audience) was behind closed doors. Barco showcased what it hopes is a revolutionary new presentation and collaboration solution – called ClickShare – to a select audience in Amsterdam.

Roland Janssen, commercial director at Hulskamp Audiovisueel, was one of those select ones and he said, “What I really like about ClickShare is its simplicity,” after the demo. “It’s easy to set up the unit, and it’s easy to connect. The product works both with Mac and PC, which will be very important to our potential customers. And above all, ClickShare also looks very good! We really believe in this product and will be happy to contribute into making it a success.”

ClickShare will be launched officially at the end of March 2012. By solving issues commonly experienced in meeting rooms worldwide, ClickShare hopes to make meetings more productive and satisfying.

Every day, 30 million PowerPoint presentations are produced around the world. On too many occasions, problems with the presentation equipment cause inefficiencies, lost time and frustration. ClickShare is Barco’s answer to help the presenter to get the presentation on-screen in a second, but also to allow others in the meeting to participate more actively.

ClickShare will be commercially available later this year, but you can go here to learn a little more: