The Mix at InfoComm 2013

InfoComm-2013-0613Been having a great morning at the show. The industry is obviously picking up steam, so I have talked to a lot of friends in the booths who are encouraged by the new products and the level of business. At the same time, InfoComm’s marketing thrust is obviously showing. There are more people here representing end user organizations than I have ever seen before at an InfoComm. Maybe their acquisition of the European and Asian shows has changed people’s minds about “dealer” shows, since a mixed market like this obviously produces higher attendance numbers, as it does at shows like ISE in Amsterdam.

Still, I wish sometimes for a return to “dealer” shows — where the crowds were thinner and those of us in the industry didn’t have to wait in line with end-users who were here to learn about the technologies, rather than to evaluate and buy them.

Now, back to trolling the aisles, looking for that one product that usually jumps out at me to make the trip to InfoComm worthwhile.

More later on…