The Meeting Equity Podcast by Barco ClickShare — Revisiting the Best Quotes and Ideas From The Meeting Equity Podcast Series

Episode 12 Intro

In the final episode of the 12-part series titled, “The Meeting Equity Podcast,” Gary Kayye speaks with Barco Senior Marketing Manager Jennifer Sigmund about this podcast’s theme, meeting equity, and how Barco is working to achieve it in its own meeting space. The two address several questions: Does Barco have an ideal vision of the perfect meeting space? What are the weaknesses of meeting equity (if there are any)? What are the best meeting practices in a hybrid environment?

“We have an extensive network of partners — about 140. All of them are working with us to create that optimal experience,” Jennifer said. “We need to rethink the meeting rooms. It’s going to be more video, it’s going to be more displays in the rooms, it’s going to be more cameras, but it’s also going to depend on the space.”

Gary and Jennifer also speak about new technologies, meeting room layouts, lighting, camera angles, acoustics and so much more. Each of these may not appear to be a big deal on their own, but when combined, they could make all the difference in giving everyone an equal voice in meetings!

Check out the final episode of Barco’s “Meeting Equity Podcast” to hear more from Gary and Jennifer!