The Meeting Equity Podcast by Barco ClickShare — Meeting Equity: How Do You Blend the Virtual and Real Meeting?

Episode 7 Intro

In this episode in the series of podcast about Meeting Equity Michaël Vanderheeren (Product director MX and ClickShare at Barco) and Gary Kayye from THE rAVe Agency talk about whether it is possible to perfectly orchestrate joining a meeting and why that is important. Michael touches upon a ClickShare novelty Barco will launch at ISE 2022 called Smart meeting flow, which will help meeting attendees focus on the meeting and now on how to start and join a meeting. Last but not least Michael shares his view on the meeting room of the future.

This series is brought to you by Barco ClickShare in partnership with THE rAVe Agency. Learn more about Barco ClickShare and The Meeting Equity Podcast here.