The Meeting Equity Podcast by Barco ClickShare — Exploring the Challenges of the Hybrid Workplace in ClickShare’s Latest Research

Episode 11 Intro 1

In episode 11 of this 12-part series entitled “The Meeting Equity Podcast” Gary Kayye speaks with Barco UK Sales Director Anthony Wright about meeting equity and how they achieve it in room design. The two address several questions: What is their opinion on the hybrid work environment? What exactly does a hybrid work environment look like? What are the benefits of working from home? What are the challenges?

It’s clear that “hybrid,” “work-from-home” and “remote” are all terms we’ve become increasingly familiar with during the COVID-19 pandemic. More people want to move to a work-from-home or hybrid work schedule these days, with more than two-thirds of people saying they prefer a hybrid or remote work schedule over a full-time presence in the office — how can AV help? Companies have now realized that they need to support people’s desire to work from everywhere, but with more hybrid settings come more challenges.

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