The Jason Wright (SlatePlan) Interview


SlatePlan is the best thing to come along for HomeAV dealers in a long time. This is a very cool and powerful design software package that allows you to make much more professional proposals for the homeowner. It’s all cloud-based — so you don’t have to load software on a server somewhere and you pay per user, per month. It includes a complete home layout package that allows you to import the client’s house architectural plans (or lay it out yourself very quickly) and then plot out (on the layout of the home) every piece of gear you’re going to place in the home. And, they’re building a library of product files for you. Jason Wright, founder of SlatePlan, took Gary through a demo you should watch.

This is something that every CI needs. Check out the one-on-one video interview Gary did with Jason at CEDIA 2015 here: