The Industry’s First Native 21:9 Aspect Ratio DLP-Based Projector Comes From BenQ


BenQ just launched a 21:9 projector, the LK935 4K UHD laser projector. Purpose-built for UCC applications, the 5,500-lumen LK935 projector includes 92% Rec.709 color coverage, conferencing color modes and HDR support.

BenQ has equipped all its projectors with tools that make installation and setup “quick and easy.” The LK935 features a 1.6x zoom to allow installers to replace outdated projectors without repositioning existing ceiling mounts, vertical/horizontal lens shift to move the image up and down and 3D keystone correction range of up to ±40° on both the horizontal and vertical axes. It also features a 20,000-hour laser light source life that BenQ says ensures no risk of the image yellowing over time. It’s robust enough to support 24/7 applications with no usage or warranty restrictions. It also has an IP5X-rated, sealed DustGuard laser engine that is dust-proof and eliminates the need for ineffective filters. BenQ claims the result is a long-lasting projector that eliminates the need to spend money on labor and maintenance, achieving a much greater ROI.

The LK935 is HDBaseT compatible, transmitting video, audio, RS-232 and LAN control signals from multiple sources such as PCs, laptops, document cameras and DVD/Blu-ray players using a single RJ-45 cable. It is compatible with leading projector control systems, such as Extron, Crestron and PJ-Link for system integration into corporate network infrastructures. It also comes with BenQ’s DMS to remotely oversee and monitor an organization’s fleet of projectors, including those from other companies.