This year, for THE GAME we’re bringing back “What the Duck?” to InfoComm, probably the easiest game you’ll ever play.

Step right up and plunge into the fun! The rules are simple: walk up, select a duck—any duck! Our rAVe emcee will then reveal your prize. From AirPods to gift cards, or even your very own quacky companion, the rewards are endless!

Not thrilled with your bounty? Dare to gamble with the Duck of Chance! Swap your prize for whatever mystery lies within its secret box. Beware, once you seal the deal with this fortune teller, there’s no turning back. You might strike gold or waddle away with a pack of ramen noodles. But look on the bright side—you’ll have lunch for the day!

Dive into What the Duck?, the game where everyone waddles away a winner!


Stop by the rAVe booth at InfoComm 2024 for your chance to win!

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

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