The Future is Mobile, Even in House of Worship

churchapp-1012The needs of a vertical market are often so niche-specific that the opportunities seem faint given the greater opportunity for a broad appeal. But sometimes these verticals are strangely aligned along certain technology paths, making it both practical and affordable for the A/V/L industry to develop tools, systems and processes that work across vertical channels. In this day and age, the common denominator across nearly all technologies is the growth of the mobile platform market.

ComScore’s annual study on mobile showed “nearly 42 percent of all U.S. mobile subscribers now use smartphones, along with 44 percent of mobile users across the EU5 (comprised of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK). Mobile media usage — defined as browsing the mobile web, accessing applications, or downloading content — saw a surge in activity and surpassed 50 percent penetration in many markets, supported by the proliferation of high-speed networks and increased public WiFi availability.” (source: comScore 2012 Mobile Future In Focus)

churchapp2-1012Could it be any more clear? The future is mobile, and the A/V/L industry needs to think past IR commands and RS232 control. The church market is brimming with possibility for access, control and even curation through their mobile devices. The A/V/L industry needs to think mobile and address these needs.

Perhaps it’s too much to assume that the big boys will all decide to move away from proprietary systems, but the House of Worship market is not the only vertical space that would benefit from this kind of best-practice. The Internet has democratized the online world and the sharing of free and inexpensive ideas (tools, apps, platforms) has whet the appetite of the average consumer; the same consumer that is a decision-maker and purchaser in their business roles.

Mobile innovation is present nearly everywhere we look. The future is mobile, so start innovating.

Images via The Church App