The Future Is Interactive Digital Signage

rave pic 3 300x2241

rave pic 3As I was walking toward Hall 7 to shoot videos for rAVe I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a 3D glass box featuring the image of a bookcase.

My first thought was that this type of technology is a great way to encourage younger generations to read and would be an awesome addition to bookstores. The image was produced using rear projection and the projector is from Christie. The bookshelf was produced by six micro-tiles with a resolution of 720 by 540 each, also by Christie. The tiles can be placed in any configuration to create the ideal shape for any space. The technology in itself is impressive, but it made me think about potential future applications. Imagine bookcases like this that are interactive in book stores. You can search for books, select a book and preview it using the micro-tiles. This would allow you to skim books quickly while creating an interactive environment.

The products at ISE are allowing me to envision how technology will continue to integrate into our daily lives. I am looking forward to a bright future of LED lights, touch screens and projectors that allow us to teach, play and learn.