The Floating Point — Episode 14: The Future of Programming

The Floating Point —InfoComm 2018 is in the rearview mirror, and it’s time to podcast again! Jimmy Vaughan (@jrsyjmy), UC Technical Product Manager at Crestron Electronics, joins host Hope Roth (@beerandpie) to talk about Unified Communication, the future of programming, and why you need to know what a VLAN is.

But first! How professional wrestling can prepare you for a career in technology. Spoiler alert: it (unfortunately) doesn’t involve hitting anyone with a chair.

Hope and Jimmy get into it about RL, Crestron Studio, and “the Google.”

And finally! Jimmy’s craziest story about emergency travel to help out a client (hint: it involves flying from New Jersey to Texas to Vancouver) (It also starts with “O” and ends in “lympics.”)