The Floating Point — Episode 12: Marketable Research

The Floating Point —It’s been a minute… but we’re back! Julia Baillie (@julia_baillie), president of CommuniQuest Consulting joins host Hope Roth (@beerandpie) to talk about market research, the user experience, and the importance of telling a story. Julia is a bona fide people person, and she’s been talking to everyone in our industry.

Julia and Hope discuss her recent white paper for Listen WiFi. The growing trend towards BYOD is often seen as a threat to our industry, but leveraging the fact that just about everyone carries around their own tiny super-computer in their pocket (plus their preferred headphones!), can actually help us to sell products and offer better solutions to our customers. We just might have to change some of our old ways of thinking.

So many aspects of our industry are changing, which can be scary. But there are so many amazing things that we can do with all of the amazing technology out there. The people who thrive going forward, are those who can learn, adapt, and change. Don’t fear the future! And, uh, you should probably talk more with your users.