The Floating Point — Episode 11: Huddling Together

The Floating Point —It’s April in New England, which means that it’s been oscillating between snow and 80 degree weather.

Floating Point host Hope Roth (@beerandpie) put on a light jacket, braved her hotel WiFi, and then joined Harman’s Paul Zielie (@paulzielie) to talk about large-scale systems (spoiler alert: even huddle rooms can be large-scale if you look at them just right) and how to make programmer’s work together.

Treat your programmers right, people, or else they will delete all of their files, throw their laptops at your head, and then quit. We talk about how to protect against some of that (hint: it rhymes with shmautomated shmackups). But, seriously, treat your programmers right.

We close with tales of flying across oceans to press buttons. Remote access: it’s a good thing!