The Floating Point — Episode 10: [Insert Binary Joke Here]

The Floating Point —It’s our 10th (or is it second?) episode of the Floating Point! Host Hope Roth (@beerandpie) is joined by Patrick Murray (@controlhauspat) to talk standards, certifications, and to panic slightly about the future.

It’s a wild, wild west out there… but we’d like to see some better standards for programmers. How do you go about doing that? Do we need a CTS-P? The problem is, so much about AV programming is manufacturer specific, so it doesn’t fall under Infocomm’s purview.

Which brings us to the million dollar question… do we still need to purchase controls in a box? Patrick thinks the future is all Raspberry Pis. Hope thinks the future is standardized and pre-configured control systems. We both agree that the future for people who write terrible code and don’t know how to architect a system is fuzzy at best.

And then we laugh about that time that Patrick kept programming in the middle of the stormy seas (no, that’s not a metaphor).