The Floating Point: Episode One: There’s an (Insecure) App for That

thefloatingpoint-largeIt’s the inaugural edition of the Floating Point! And who better to get host Hope Roth (@beerandpie) off on the right foot than Toine Leerentveld (@toinecl), Technology Manager for Control Systems at Crestron and Christopher Tatton (@chris_tatton), Programmer at HB Communications.

(Note: Producer Corey Moss (@Cbmoss) hung out with us as well, but we managed to keep him on mute for an astonishing 45 minutes. We never caught him napping, so the show must have been a success!)

We talked AV security (really, as Toine pointed out, it’s just security), why it matters (it’s not just about keeping pranksters from hitting disconnect on your video calls) and what Crestron is doing to make sure that its products all adhere to best practices. We discuss the recently discovered vulnerability in the Nissan Leaf API and how security is too often an afterthought. Shockingly (not really), this isn’t a problem in just our industry.

Barry Sato (@barryhsato) sent us our first listener question. How does an AV designer get into AV programming? The answer just might surprise you.

Finally, if you want to watch Netflix, we suggest going to Toine’s house. He has the nicest home AV system.

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