The Day After Christmas

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

It’s the day after Christmas, which means for many of us, yesterday was the culmination of a long build-up of anticipation. Planning family gatherings, curating the holiday meal menus, baking cookies, making fudge and braving the web and the local retailers to find that perfect gift were the focus of at least a few hours if not days, and also the source of a little anxiety. Then Christmas is here, and like a whirlwind, passes us by. Some things go as planned, others maybe not, and everyone fades into an exhausted, pecan pie-induced state by the end of the whole ordeal.

Today, the day after Christmas, is where clarity sets in. What went well? What could’ve been better? What was your favorite gift? What gift were you hoping for that wasn’t under the tree?

christmas tree with wrapping paper mess

Messy living room after the Christmas presents have been opened.

These are all great questions to reflect upon for our businesses too, with regards to the year 2019 in the rearview mirror. I started thinking about them myself, and here is my “Day After Christmas” take on them.

Favorite Gift

I had a lot of great gifts in 2019. Two standouts were the opportunities I had with AVIXA to teach at InfoComm 2019, to participate in the LA Cohort Lab and to emcee the AV Executive Conference.

Every year, I receive the gift of community. 2019 was no different. I’m still humbled and confused that I receive the level of support and interaction in this community that I do, but know I never take it for granted and still love making new connections and deepening industry relationships every year.

My favorite gift of 2019 however was the opportunity to return to integration and build something new and exciting with Tangram Interiors. The trust and confidence that the leadership team there has placed in me to help create something truly special is amazing and I feel like my 17 years of AV has prepared me well for the challenge ahead.

What Wasn’t Under the Tree

The gift that wasn’t under the tree this year was hitting our revenue target. I had an ambitious goal for 2019, (as I do for 2020) and it would have been nice to hit the target. It really isn’t a gift I am sad that I didn’t receive, but more so a gift I wish I could have wrapped and given to my company. Giving that gift would’ve meant a better base for 2020 but also would’ve meant that my team would’ve had a more fruitful year as well. I am disappointed but know that the work we put into the organizational structure and processes will pay long term dividends, even though they didn’t have an immediate impact on our short term goals.

So with that, I look forward to next week, the dawning of a new year, and the opportunity to give and receive some amazing gifts next year as well.

Happy Holidays!