The Daily Raff: InfoComm 2024 Day 2 Thoughts

gary steph shure

Raise your hand if you told Dave Labuskes (you know — the CEO of AVIXA) that you’re getting too old for this whole trade show thing. Just me? Awesome. (Dave, if you’re reading this, for legal reasons that was a joke.) Today was heavy on the interviews, light on me getting the chance to explore things for myself. That’s tomorrow. But anyway. Let me recount my day to you.

First of all, I arrived at the show for the AVIXA Women’s Breakfast at 7:30. I was excited to network with some fellow women in the industry and learn a little about what they do. If you know me, you know that networking is something that makes me anxious because I feel like I’m awkward. I threw myself off the deep end at this show because … why not? Well, it was great. First of all, the speaker was Pixar’s Danielle Feinberg, who talked about the experience of working in a space of mostly men and the work that goes into creating a world that we want to be a part of. I think we all can learn about that (within the AV industry and beyond). And trust, I will take this with me as I continue my career in AV. It was that inspiring.

Next up, I had some pretty fun interviews at a few different booths. A few of my favorites from today were from Christie and Aurora Multimedia. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m not an integrator. I don’t always process information the same way an integrator does. So, sometimes, I ask people to help boil down the specs and the jargon into what that ACTUALLY means and why it’s cool. I think at Christie this is a great example because hello? A piano wrapped in Christie MicroTiles LED? All the way around? Also, Aurora Multimedia’s ReAX Room is awesome. Paul Harris and his team really worked hard to deliver a microphone + room booking + control system and more all in one tiny touch pad. It’s really awesome and I highly recommend you check both out!

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OK, so you know about my favorite products of the day. But did I mention how cool it was getting to record rAVe [TV] from Shure’s booth? I’m so happy they were one of our sponsors of the week, along with Sharp. I will sing the praises of a Shure SM7B all day long. I know it’s not a technical term, but the sound is CRISP.

Finally, I did manage to hang out with a few favorite #AVtweeps. Megan A. Dutta of LAVNCH [CODE] always makes me network when she can, and she loves introducing me to new people.

I also attended Shure’s All Access Encore, an event with live music and plenty of networking to go around (belo). I was quite happy to see a few friends there. My night ended with a trip back to CTI’s Tech on Tap and I highly enjoyed.

At the end of the day, InfoComm is only partially about products. I think everyone at AVIXA would agree that people are important. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll circle back tomorrow with another Daily Raff. See ya!