The Daily Raff: InfoComm 2023 Day 1 Thoughts

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Hello! I’m reporting live from InfoComm 2023! This is SUCH a busy show for rAVe so to be honest, I didn’t have the most time to wander the show floor like I wanted. Most of my time was actually spent recording sponsor interviews with Tommy Wellenhofer, our multimedia intern, as my video shooter/handler/emotional support person.

So, I will show you a few of the things that caught my eye, along with mentioning a few of the people I got to talk to (if you don’t care about that I am very sorry LOL).

First thing’s first. I walk onto the show floor and immediately see the Legrand booth. So you know I had to make a beeline for the Da-Lite 10-foot SightLine cable drop.

sightline 10 foot

This product is so cool! I hate that black bar that is featured on most screens, and I love that Da-Lite is so intentional about making sure its screens look the best. And that means no black bar. Also, a 10-foot drop is pretty crazy!

Here’s a full story about it if you want to learn more.

Da-Lite Not Only Added a 10-Foot SightLine Cable Drop, But It’s Offering 21:9 Screens Now, Too!

OK, when I said I hadn’t seen many trends, I may have lied. There were two things I noticed quite a bit of. One was that projection mapping is still alive and well. I saw more creative uses for projection mapping than I’ve ever seen. That doesn’t mean the biggest or the flashiest shows of projection mapping, by the way. I mean that what I saw was just plain creative! Also, I saw solutions for making sure a projection-mapping install can stay calibrated. I can imagine it’s very easy for those to get messed up. But Scalable Display Technologies had a great demo for its calibration system that the company was kind enough to show me.

Also, the projection mapping at the 7thSense booth was crazy. Like I don’t even know how they did that.

Have y’all ever seen projection mapping stay calibrated while being jostled? I haven’t. At least not like this!

OK, other cool things!

I got to spend some time with new (in a way) company on the block, PlexusAV. Built around the idea of standards-based AV-over-IP, PlexusAV is a proponent of the IPMX standard (and was created by Sencore). Where this will fit in our industry? I’m not sure yet! But I stand by the fact that IPMX is heavily used in broadcast and it obviously works well. Why shouldn’t it work well in our industry? We need some standards in ProAV. (Yes, I am aware that SDVoE and HDBaseT also exist and I’m not the person to ask which is best.)

plexusav infocomm 2023

Anyway, I attended Plexus’ Global Launch today and was just really impressed! Steven Cogels, global director of business development for PlexusAV, mentioned that people are really responding to the standards and Plexus’ messaging is very good. I definitely would keep an eye out for this company.

Alright, that’s about all I have for you today. My final thing I wanted to say was that I really enjoyed rAVe [TV] today and I think it’s clear that Gary and I are having a good time doing what we do best — talking! Enjoy watching and feel free to skip to about halfway through the episode to catch Gary taking you through about a third of the show floor.

Well, that’s all from me for now. Catch y’all tomorrow for another random collection of my show floor thoughts!