The Coolest Thing from Day One of DSE 2013 So Far

nomadix-0213So far, the coolest thing I’ve seen at the 2013 Digital Signage Expo (DSE) has been from UK-based start-up company NOMADIX whose so-called iWalker is basically a wearable digital signage player (yes, the person wears a giant DS screen above his/her head) automatically serves custom digital signage content to the viewer based on age, gender, location and even distance from the screen. Using facial recognition technology, the system uses GPS location and live streaming technology to serve up ads to people who walk by it — but the ads are customized based on who they actually are.

It’s difficult to explain it better than that, so I shot a video of the system and interviewed the company’s managing director, Mark Evans. I hope you’ll watch and let me know if you think this is as cool as I think it is.

NOMADIX Media’s iWalker can be found here:

Enjoy this interview and see how the system works: