The CEDIA EXPO 2010 – Back to Suckville for the Dinner Buffet

CEDIA pass2 editorial 0710

CEDIA-pass2-editorial-0710If you’re a regular reader of rAVe, then you know that I despise Atlanta and think they did a terrible job hosting CEDIA in 2009 – although we did appreciate the city’s warning, for those of us staying in downtown hotels, not to veer too far from the hotel’s front door after 11 pm. Thanks.

But, one must say, EXPO 2009 was a hit as far as attendees were concerned.  With the economy still in a perilous condition, CEDIA managed to pull off one of the best shows they’ve ever had.

So, was I wrong about Atlanta?  Is it a better host (to encourage show participation and attendance) than I originally thought? Did people flock to the home of Gone with the Wind to tour the World of Coke museum and catch a Braves game in larger numbers than anyone expected?

Uh, no.

Fact is, and we all know it, EXPO is THE HomeAV show of the year.  Sure, CES has their little soiree every January – or should I saygiantly-huge, hard-to-navigate, ridiculosly overpriced, line-packed show in Vegas, but that’s for low-end consumers. EXPO is THE SHOW that targets (and attracts) those of us aiming for the high-end consumer. We are the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association members – not the off-she-shelf suppliers of AV gear.

So, if you are anyone, you WILL be in Atlanta in September.  And, to make things a LOT easier (and cheaper) for all of us, CEDIA has a new, all-inclusive attendee price (but you have to register for it by July 31st) of $299 for show admittance AND as many seminars you want to take! Here all the details:

Finally, ATTENTION MANAGERS AND OWNERS: While you’re pondering your CEDIA plans, I would highly recommend you reconsider the number of people you’re planning to bring to EXPO. Why? Well, this year’s educational line-up is the best ever at EXPO. There is NO BETTER WAY to get your team educated than at EXPO. And, with this new all-inclusive pricing, it’s like a dinner buffet of of HomeAV education. And, as the economy makes a comeback in 2011, a better-educated salesforce has a much better time selling up. Anyone can spec a Sonos, but not anyone can spec an integrated whole-house AV distribution system that includes integration of ALL our AV systems through one thoroughly programmed control system. And, one’s way more profitable than the other.

So, consider letting all your sales people eat at the CEDIA EXPO dinner buffet too.