The Brian Savarese (EPSON) Interview

Epson is the world’s leading projector company based on sales stats. And, they only sell 3LCD — no DLP. So, they’ve achieved that with a technology crutch, if you will, since a customer who’s set on DLP no matter what can’t get a projector from them. Epson, however, seems happy with that arrangement since it invented 3LCD projection. As the sales leader of the home theater market, what did the company do at CEDIA Expo 2015 to make a splash? It went outside, literally. Not only did Epson introduce a line of projectors up to 6,000 lumens — bright enough to go outside in many cases, it also designed a line that can be used to project anywhere in the house, not just inside a dedicated theater. Epson residential guru Brian Savarese joined me in this video interview to explain the company’s concept and the application they think this can help HomeAV contractors grab as totally new business.

Check out the one-on-one video interview I did with Brian at CEDIA 2015 here: