The Bonus Day

Well, the last couple of weeks have been crazy for yours truly. Just back from ISE in Amsterdam, it seems like I went straight into a blizzard that ate up the week in which I wanted to be catching up with things, among them, this blog. And yet, I sit here today, with time to write and feeling no pressure to be catching up with work for Monday. Because, at least for my company, we have a three-day weekend for President’s Day. I’m not sure why, it seems that each year we reshuffle the company holiday calendar, and that each year we come out with at least one that leaves us all asking each other “are you SURE we are closed Monday?”

But I’m not looking the gift horse in the mouth, because for me it has come just in the knick of time, and brought me what I refer to as a “bonus day”.

You see, I think the normal weekend consists of two different days, with one used to take care of all the things you can’t get to during the work week, and the other mostly devoted to getting ready to go back to work. So, in a three day weekend, the second day is the “bonus day”, where the things I needed to take care of at home are done, but I don’t yet feel the time pressure to get ready for the work week.

So let me catch back up with everybody. First, check out this weeks’ edition of “The Week” on rAVe Radio, where I call on an old industry friend for a great discussion on marketing at tradeshows.. what we do wrong, why our costs are escalating, and what we can do to make more of them. I finished it this morning, so it should be up early in the week, both here at, and on iTunes.

Second, if you haven’t done it already, take a look at, where we’ve posted hundreds of in-exhibit videos shot last week at ISE. You won’t find a better or easier to digest source of new product information anywhere. And, while you are at it, check out the special editions of “The Week” that we podcast from Amsterdam, especially the showwrapup between Gary and I.

And, later in the week, look for the new edition of rAVe for Rental and Staging. I’m going to expose one of the great mysteries of our industry. Don’t Miss it.