THE 4th Annual Reader’s Choice Awards

readerschoice-0315Our Reader’s Choice Awards blow away ANY other industry award. And, I can say that with 100 percent confidence.


Well, first off, last year, we had over 54,000 votes — no one has those kinds of numbers! No one.

Secondly, the votes came from INTEGRATORS — not manufacturers stuffing ballots or people voting multiple time — nah, we have technology to prevent that. These are REAL votes.

In case you haven’t noticed, we are now accepting nominations for our 4th Annual rAVe Readers’ Choice Awards. You, the readers, will tell us who you think the best of the best is in the AV industry. But we need your nominations for each category before we open up the awards for voting.

Be sure to nominate your favorite projector, your favorite distributor, the best video wall product along with 22 other categories, it is not required, but why not? It’s fun!

We will close the nominations on April 3. After we count each nomination we will open the awards for general voting and announce the winners at this year’s InfoComm in Orlando.

Nominate your favorites here.