The 3D Conundrum

starwars 3d 0611

starwars-3d-0611I’d love to say that 3D is the best thing to come to the consumer electronics market since the DVD player. I’d love to say it’s incredible and a game changer, the future of entertainment and the way all TV should be displayed.

But I’d be lying.

It’s truly a conundrum for me, however.

Last week, I took my 11-year old daughter to Disney World following the annual InfoComm show in Orlando. We had an amazing time. And, being the Star Wars aficionado I am, we waited in line a to catch the opening of the new Star Tours 3D experience/ride. I’d probably ridden the other Star Tours 50 times, so I thought I knew what to expect.

But it was better than I could have imagined. The use of 3D on this ride truly transformed the experience into one where you really had, even for a brief moment, the feeling as though you were in the movies themselves. It was a dream come true for a Star Wars geek. 3D was what did the trick!

So how come I can’t stand watching movies and TV shows in 3D?

I truly want to believe the hype and want 3D to be a truly immersive experience, but, to be totally frank, it’s not. The glasses are completely uncomfortable, the viewing angles are narrow and the staggering reduction in image brightness the moment you stick the glass on, is bothersome. 3D, for me at least, just sucks.

So, why was I so impressed with it at Star Tours?

Well, I think I am biased. I think I liked it just because it carried the Star Wars moniker, because the only times I’ve ever liked 3D are the times I’ve been watching something Star Wars-related. And I wonder if the 3D naysayers are actually right and those that are “3D fans” are so because they have something to gain from saying 3D is awesome. I mean, James Cameron, George Lucas, Sony, Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG – they all have something to gain from 3D’s success.

Look, I’ll be one of the first in line in February to watch Star Wars in the theaters in 3D. And, I’ll likely buy the Blu-ray version of it in 3D. I have a Star Wars obsession. Heck, I even defend the value of Episodes 1, 2 and 3 to the series. I think one of the best scenes in the 30-year Star Wars history is when Darth, well, rises.

But, 3D still sucks – so far. At least in everything besides Star Wars.