Like most of you, I have been watching the evolving story in Boston over the last couple of days. Like most of you, I am aghast at the depths of human cruelty – and yet uplifted by the fact that, while causing bloodshed, mayhem and death, the terrorists (and that’s what they are, no matter who they are) failed so completely. Because they brought us together once again, as they always do. Runners came off the Marathon and continued to run another two miles – to give blood. People opened their homes, their wallets, and their hearts – to strangers. In New York, in Yankee Stadium, thousands rose to sing “Sweet Caroline” – the song of Fenway Park in Boston, the home of the “other side” in the greatest rivalry in American sports.

And whoever “they” are, they’re going to get to think about it in prison. Because not only has every law enforcement agency in the country, and many worldwide, committed to the search, they are working with an astounding amount of evidence.

Along with all the traditional forms of forensic evidence, in 2 days the Boston PD, FBI and ATF have gathered and consolidated over 3 terabytes of video and images of the incidents, and they are analyzing them with a toolset of software and hardware we didn’t have even a few years ago. The fast thinking shows preparation on an incredible scale. Police and agents were in the streets, the airports and the subways, asking people for copies of their pictures, camcorder footage, and cellphone videos. It’s a huge event – I’ve worked it – and they struck at the height of the event.

They were recorded.

Our industry is going to contribute in a huge way to their arrest and conviction. You watch. And I’m sure some of you are going to be involved, and I salute you.

United We Stand.