Terra increases output and performance of all its 70-Volt speakers

terra-logo07/10/2014 – Brunswick, ME – Terra, the premier supplier of high performance, American-made all-climate loudspeakers has traditionally offered 70-Volt options for many of its speakers. The company announced today that it’s modifying those 70-Volt offerings by making available upgraded, higher output transformers for the AC and LS Series. The new transformers double the voltage settings over the previously available units. This results in a noticeable increase in sound level that will be particularly welcome in the outdoor applications where these speakers are installed.

“Beyond increased output capability, these new transformers deliver enhanced sound as well. They are specifically designed to address the ‘Achilles heel’ of typical transformer-based 70-Volt systems where poor bass performance and increased distortion can result from mediocre transformer design and transformer core saturation. These new, high performance transformers are ideal partners to Terra’s superior loudspeaker drivers and crossover networks”, said Terra President James Banfield.

The updated transformers utilize high iron content cores to dramatically reduce the chance of core saturation and advanced copper winding technology to enhance bass performance. They are particularly flexible as there is an 8 Ohm bypass switch position that effectively takes the transformer out of the circuit for maximum fidelity when used in non – 70 volt applications.

In keeping with Terra’s all-climate design philosophy, the transformers and tap selector switches are weather-sealed to provide years of reliable operation. The upgraded speakers using the new transformers are available now at no additional cost.

Terra has been exclusively manufacturing all-climate high fidelity loudspeakers in Maine for 15 years. Their product mix includes enclosure speakers, flush mount speakers, landscape ground-mount models and a Patent Pending LED lighting and sound system. Terra products are primarily available through System Integrators and Custom Install specialists.