Teq Gear Announces Wireless XGA Receiver and New Matrix Switchers

Teq Gear promises you can receive SVGA to SXGA resolution computer-video and audio from any wireless computer via the standard 802.11g/a/b with the company’s new wireless XGA receiver. The WID101 lets users put wireless AV on a display up to 250 feet away. Select 802.11 g/a/b, LAN cable, or local DVI-D input port, to output digital video, via WID101’s DVI-D port. Multiple PCs can request to link to a single receiver, while the user of the active transmitting PC allows or denies to pass control to another user.

The new RGBHV (MSR) and RGBHV + Audio (MSQ) matrix switchers, previously only available in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia, is available in configurations from 8×2 to 128×128. The company says it has bandwidth of over 400 MHz on a fully loaded switcher.