TelyLabs Opening a Whole New VCS World

telyHD_appliance-0713So I know that right off the bat this is going to sound biased, but trust me when I say that everything I’m about to share is backed up by actual research.

When my CEO brought TelyLabs and their VCS option to the table, I had an overwhelming rush of anxiety fall over me.  “Another video conferencing manufacturer?  Aren’t there enough of them already?!  How am I even going to go about selling this?”  But my concern for their place in the market (and my ability to stand behind the product) was soon quelled by experiencing the product itself.

First things first; the most important piece of information to know about this product is that it is NOT a competitor to the Ciscos, Polycoms, LifeSizes, etc. of the world. Think of Tely as the agile, younger assistant to the larger players.  It doesn’t belong in the large boardroom, but it fits perfectly in those smaller huddle rooms that are rarely outfitted with AV components due to the costly constraints of installing video conferencing.

With a fixed lens, digital zoom, a 68 degree viewing angle, and four noise-cancelling mics placed in the front of the unit, it fits perfectly in the smaller room suited for those impromptu meetings that we all know and love 🙂

But the beauty of the Tely Pro that separates it from the competition is its ability to interface with the major end-points over SIP.  There are dozens of options out there that allow you to interface over Skype, or BlueJeans, but none that allow you to interact with SIP enable devices, as well as Skype, cloud based services, and unit to unit.

Now think about this….research shows that there are approximately 25 million conference rooms in America. Only 5% utilize video conferencing due to cost. So there are about 20 million conference rooms that are just waiting for you to come and bring them into the 21st century.

For less than $800, you can now connect with the world on every video conferencing level possible.  And trust me when I say that the market is eating this up like crazy.  From enterprise, to SMB’s, to schools, to hospitals, everyone has a need to connect over video, no matter what platform you’re on or reaching out too.

What was once a cause for extreme anxiety has now become my easiest sale!

To learn more about the TelyPro (and to double check my research), check out their website at