Telecine and YCD Multimedia Unveil ‘RAMP Up!’ All-Inclusive Financial Institution Package

telecine ycd multimedia

Telecine and YCD Multimedia unveiled an all-inclusive financial institution package today, called RAMP Up! Telecine, a media, and software company focused on raising the bar of “great content for digital signage,” and YCD Multimedia, leaders of the “any K” revolution through its digital signage platform, will offer RAMP Up! to banks, and financial institutions looking to enhance the customer experience. This strategic partnership aligns content with a powerful platform for digital signage applications well-suited for financial institutions.

RAMP Up! is a branded Financial News Television Channel with your bank’s name and logo on the screen. By utilizing your digital signage network, each time your customer enters your branch, they see up-to-the-moment news with no action required on your part. Content updates happen automatically throughout the day. It’s Co-branded content with Bloomberg News.

All the details are here: