TECOM Launches New TechPod Presenter for K-12 and Higher-Ed

Designed as an ADA-compliant height-adjustable Lectern, the TechPod Presenter is a 3rd generation product from TechPod and includes a built-in Windows-based PC (with tablet/annotation built into it), a DVD player, a lectern mic and even a USB-stick port to allow for on-the-fly presentation from any media – even MAC files.  Its shipping now and you can watch these rAVe NOW videos we shot at InfoComm last week to see it for yourself:

1st video:

2nd video:

You can see the TechPod and its specs here.

In reading this, I’m struck by how far AV in education has come, with such detailed niche products available.   While I’m not sure how the final package will be in practice, I’m hard pressed to come up with a high demand function that’s been overlooked