techXchange Episode 6: Immersed in Dolby Atmos

techXchange_logocenterWelcome to the sixth episode of techXchange, a podcast show about technology, news, trends and more. It’s not just AV or IT, it’s techX covering numerous technologies, discussions – and exchanges with a measure of opinion inserted as well.

Join host Johnny Mota (AV Power Up and AV Insider) – sitting in for Jane Johnson – and regulars Corey Moss (AV Power Up), Christa Bender (AV Power Up) and Hope Roth (AV Power Up) as they discuss news and trends covering: the new CEO of CEDIA, drone usage by a U.S. pro soccer team to film practice sessions, and how new audio formats are going way beyond 5.1.

Rian_sOur guest for this show is Rian Steffens, business development manager – East at Onkyo. We talk with Rian about Dolby Atmos, immersive movie and home theater experiences, developments at Onkyo, CEDIA and the residential market and more. Of course we have the five minute Q&A round at the end of the podcast, make sure you stick around for it.

We hope you enjoy this episode of techXchange and if you have any comments, please post them below.

Reference for this podcast’s news and trends:

And the New CEO of CEDIA is … Vincent Bruno from Crestron

Watch: Union using drones to film practice sessions

Multichannel Audio Goes Way Beyond 5.1

Note: See Onkyo as well as many other great exhibitors at CEDIA Expo in Dallas October 14-17.