techXchange Episode 4: An Executive’s Broadscale View on Video – Cloud, Mobility/BYOD, Big Data and More (Part Two)

techxchange_logocenter_360Welcome to the fourth episode of techXchange, a podcast show about technology, news, trends and more. It’s not just AV or IT, it’s techX covering numerous technologies, discussions – and exchanges with a measure of opinions as well.

Join host Jane Johnson and regulars Corey Moss (AV Power Up), Johnny Mota (AV Power Up and

the AV Insider) and Christa Bender (AV Power Up) – our guest for this show is Sean Brown, senior vice president at Sonic Foundry.

We talk with Sean in this part two about mobility/BYOD and its impact on video presentation and streaming, cloud application strategy and a current look at his late 2014 video predictions, as appeared in his article 2015 Video Predictions: Sonic Foundry Forecasts Next year’s Trends, Involving Big Data/Analytics/Search, Cloud, Collaborative Video and More.

seanbrownWe hope you enjoy part two of this episode of techXchange. If you have any comments, please post them below.

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