Tech Chaos Episode 8: Extron Brings the 4:4:4

techchaos750x400Chris Bach, System Support Engineer with Extron Electronics, joins host Christa Bender (@AVChrista) to discuss NAB, Vector 4K Scaling Technology, 4:4:4 processing, favorite cars, movies, travel destinations, and more.

Learn how Chris has spent his 16 years with Extron and find out why the 1991 Ford Explorer is his favorite car. Hear Christa expresses her love for the Extron website for its ease of navigation. 

Extron showed many products at NAB; some of the main highlights are the DSC HD-HD 4K Plus A,  the SMP 351, a H.264 Streaming Media Processor, which has an upgrade that will allow 2 recordings and 2 streams simultaneously, the new TLP Pro 1720TG 17” 1080p native resolution touch panel, and the DTP CrossPoint 4K family of products.

Chris explains that Vector 4K Scaling Technology is the evolution of 20 years of Extron scaling technology.  This evolution has occurred after years of boxes that take one signal and convert it into something else. The DTP CrossPoint 4K family of products are a part of the Vector 4K Scaling Technology and are currently shipping. 

All of these topics and more can be heard on this episode of Tech Chaos.