Tech Chaos — Episode 18: Finally, Legal!

Tech Chaos —

As always, Christa announces that the guest on this episode of Tech Chaos is her favorite! Johnny Mota (@JMOTA3) joins host Christa Bender (@AVChrista) and they discus Johnny’s new beard and what a leaf peeper is. Johnny renames the show “Techpocalypse”. They also discuss music, movies, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

If you want to know what to buy Johnny for Christmas, he may mention it once or twice during the show. Hint: they are KEF wireless speakers. If you want to learn more about KEF, check out episode 91 of AV Insider, where Johnny interviews Jack Sharkey from KEF. Christa wants the “magic fix” to make her house audio be more seamless and Johnny suggests trying KEF.

All of these topics and more can be heard on this episode of Tech Chaos.