TCI to Launch Efficient and Low-Cost Standard Touch Panel

Twinwill-logo4TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwanese touch panel solutions provider Twinwill Communtech Inc.(TCI) is planning this year to launch a series of standard touch panel products from7-inch to 25-inch measurements.

TCI finished the development of these products at the end of last year, and currently they are undergoing verification. The new products integrate standard dimensions and other specifications of products that have already been released. TCI is expected in the second quarter of this year to formally issue the products in order to satisfy various industry demands.

In addition to being skilled at pinpointing client’s special requirements to carry out customized design services, TCI also hopes to provide clients with both efficient and cost-effective solution programs with their standard product lines of small and medium sized touch panels.

TCI stated that the new standard series includes resistive and capacitive touch. The resistive touch will be based on a five-wires technology in order to increase accuracy, while the capacitive touch will cover GG, GF1 and GFF structures and support glove, water resistive, and ten-finger touch functions. Currently, they have already overcome noise and ghost touch problems, and they are suitable for applications in industrial and harsh environments.

More importantly, TCI is currently engaged in the active research and development of small and medium sized touch panels to be installed in Metal Mesh as a replacement technology for ITO. Because Metal Mesh has characteristic low resistance and high sensitivity, it can be used to effectively increase touch sensitivity and significantly improve the performance of multi-finger and glove pattern functions.

TCI pointed out that the cost advantages give customers a competitive edge, and after introducing them as commercial products they hope to further increase the competitive strength of TCI’s standard touch panel products.

TCI also stated that before announcing their complete standard product lines, they will in March of this year at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas, USA debut a 21.5″ touch table with 6mm thick cover glass and a 21.5” water resistive touch panel.

TCI will also exhibit a 12.1” touch panel with industrial glove functions, a 55” touch panel, and a 55” Full HD monitor with brightness reaching 3,000 nits. TCI will also present their total touch solutions which include small and medium to large sized (55”-84”) displays.