Taylorleds New Wafer Nexus Pro Series of LEDs Use Flip Chip CoB for Interactive Touch Applications

taylorleds wafer nexus

ATS-Pro is launching Taylorleds LED systems new Wafer Nexus (WN) Pro Series of LEDs that include flip chip COB technology. With its smooth surface, the company says the WN Pro Series is designed for applications where touch-interactivity is the goal. The product features Taylorled’s most advanced flip-chip COB technology, offering more than 30% energy savings over more conventional panels without any loss to brightness or overall picture quality, according to the company. Taylorleds says video capabilities are dramatically enhanced thanks to the integration of Novastar’s A10s Pro Card. The company says upgraded driving ICs allow the WN Pro Series to take full advantage of the A10’s capabilities, resulting in spectacular highlights, incredible detail in shadows and vibrant, true-to-life colors.

Taylorleds says the WN Pro Series is available in two formats, the WN Pro modular system and an All in + One. Both feature a large, 16:9 aspect-ratio panel with Taylorleds easy wire-free architecture that integrates power and data connectivity into each module, allowing system integrators to quickly assemble the video wall. Standard settings such as brightness, color temperature and gamma are easily accessible with a single button press, while the MX COEX Series VMP platform for MacOS and Windows offers deeper configuration settings for more advanced displays. Magnetic front panels are easily removed for quick module-level maintenance.

Taylorleds says the WN Pro Collaborate All-In + One is designed to enhance conference and classroom presentations with the same flip-chip COB technology available in its modular sibling. Offered in 108, 135 and 162-inch formats, the WN Pro All-In-One features HDMI, WIFI and USB connectivity, as well as wireless screen projection and intelligent control via app or virtual assistant. Preset display modes allow the WN Pro Collaborate All-In + One to adapt quickly to different lighting conditions and content types. Options for wall mounting or free-standing setups ensure easy integration into any space.