TASCAM Introduces New DR-X Series Digital Audio Recorders with USB Audio Interface

TASCAM has introduced the next generation of their line of professional grade handheld recorders, the DR-X Series. The DR-X Series is a great update to TASCAM’s line of handheld recorders.

The perfect companion for videographers, voiceover artists, songwriters and podcasters, the DR-40X’s integrated unidirectional stereo mics with scalable A/B or X/Y configuration, dual XLR/1/4-inch combo inputs, built-in phantom power for condenser mics, integrated four-track capability and wired remote control option make it an essential tool for DSLR video, music recording, sound design and more. DSLR filmmakers will be impressed by the DR-40X’s Auto-Tone function, providing an audio cue tone identifying each recording take.

The new DR-X Series now adds a new model, the DR-07X, designed to deliver professional performance for musicians and voiceover artists with its dual integrated scalable unidirectional A/B or X/Y configurable mics.

Incorporating all of the DR-07X’s features minus the scalable microphones, the DR-05X is equipped with a pair of omnidirectional condenser mics.

The DR-X Series also incorporates a studio-quality two-in, two-out USB audio interface for live streaming, podcasting and digital audio workstations.

All DR-X models ship with a completely revamped user interface, making it easy to access recording, adjusting levels, deleting takes, adding markers and other common functions. Multi-language menus in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Portuguese are also included. And with increased capacity for microSDXC cards up to 128GB, DR-X Series recorders can record for days on end.

Other features in the DR-X Series include a new powerful bright white backlit display, dictation mode which enables the user to instantly jump back audio playback in preselected increments including speed control and a special dictation EQ and overwrite mode, which allows users to select a precise record drop-in time for replacement recording with one level of undo. The DR-X Series’ auto-recording function can be set to begin recording when a sound is detected, and its Pre-Recording function delivers fail-safe recordings with up to two seconds of pre-record time.

DR-X Series recorders are available now. The DR-40X carries an estimated street price of $199.99; the DR-07X $149.99, and the DR-05X $119.99.