TASCAM Expands Acclaimed DA-6400 Multitrack Digital Recorder

TASCAM’s DA-6400 Multitrack Digital Recorder has been given a powerful new upgrade, with the new Version 2.0 firmware update adding a host of new functions and enhancements. In addition to a variety of performance and functionality improvements, the new Version 2.0 update incorporates two new features: Theater Play mode and playlist support.

The new Theater Play function enables DA-6400 users to set start and end marker points for individual takes. These markers allow theater operators to trigger multichannel events manually or via external control, after which the system automatically proceeds to the next scheduled cue and waits patiently in standby mode. This potent feature enables venue designers to easily combine audio, lighting and scenery cues into a single, easily controllable experience.

Using playlist mode, users can define regions and non-de­structively set playback ranges within individual multi-track Takes, and create dynamic scenarios whereby these regions are played in various orders and/or multiple times each. This makes creating complex performances from chains of events quick and intuitive.

Other new functions include playback of WAV files in 32-bit PCM and 32-bit floating for­mats, sorting functions that allow the take list to be arranged in Take timecode or Take name order and mDNS support so that network connection with the DA-6400 can be achieved from Mac OS and Telnet or VNC and FTP apps that support mDNS.

TASCAM DA-6400 Firmware V2.0 is available now as a free download here or to see the DA-6400, go here.